The Trainers


Dominique Verschuuren

Dutch, living in Paris

I am a professional trainer, youth worker, organiser and writer. I specialised in identity and coaching, in particular: Inner Leadership. Inner Leadership contains many different elements of personal empowerment. These elements are vulnerability and confidence, constructive and meaningful communication and relationships, compassion and passion, powerless feelings and resilience, transition and accountability, timing, curiosity and creativity, diversity in identity and group dynamics.

'In my view, it all comes back to this relevant question: “Who am I?” This easy and at the same time challenging question orders all your life choices. That gives the real feeling of freedom.’

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Lukas figge

German, living in Maastricht

I am a passionate social entrepreneur, Consciousness Coach, transformative trainer, pilgrim and mindfulness practitioner.
My path as a trainer started at Maastricht University, where I specialized in skills development. I further worked for rootAbility for two years, empowering young change makers from the GreenOffice Movement. I am currently finishing a PhD on the sustainability of globalization and work in sales for Candidate Select, a start-up in Cologne.

'I see life as a continuous attempt to find an answer to the question 'who am I' and 'who do I want to be. It's better to find a conscious and self-chosen answer to that question!'


Background Story

We met in July 2015 at the Connector conference in Cluj, Romania, where Lukas was a participant in a training of Dominique on coaching and inner leadership. After this, we succesfully acquired and implemented the first two editions of the ResponseAbility training in 2016 as Erasmus+ projects. Our goal for 2017 is to extend our portfolio to 3x4 day trainings and to do so outside of the context of Erasmus+ to make it accessible to anyone who wants to join.