About the Training


Participants are

  • (young) change makers & (future) leaders
  • social & youth workers
  • social and regular entrepreneurs
  • social & ecological activists

The participants deeply desire to and/or already do bring about positive changes in their organizations and societies. In their life and daily work they will apply insights, tools and theory which they have learned during this training.

Background & Theme

Dedicating one’s life to making a difference in this world, to take on the challenges of bringing about disruptive changes through social work, activism and entrepreneurship can be very inspiring but also overwhelming. Being a change maker in the 21st century offers all kinds of opportunities – everything is possible – but also many challenges – nothing is certain anymore. Dynamic changes and deep transformations in society, politics, economy and nature, such as digitalization, migration, populist movements, climate change and political instability require a new set of leaders.

Solutions cannot be provided by the mindsets and skills that created them in the first place. They demand a new set of skills and competencies, a new way of being that are necessary to respond and create transformative change processes. More than ever before, it is necessary that the next generation of leaders is empowered in their own lives by developing their Inner Leadership.


  • to practice the miracle of mindfulness, the ability to come back to the present moment
  • to develop acceptance, gratitude and compassion as resources for positive change and well-being

  • to explore the concepts of responseAbility and resilience
  • to step out of the comfort zone and become comfortable with being uncomfortable
  •  to encourage a learning mindset which realizes that everything is possible
  • to stimulate the creativity, vulnerability, confidence and resilience of the participants

Overall Aim

With this training course we create a space for building Inner Leadership by reflecting on who we are and want to be, as well as becoming more conscious of our personal growth process. We believe that gaining a deeper understanding of who we are is an empowering process which can lead to positive changes for our lives, organizations and society. Moreover, it is necessary that people who lead and serve others know how they can support and empower another in facing their own challenges. After the training, participants will be empowered to be the change they want to see in this world.

    Approach and methodology

    This training course is based on non-formal and informal education with a self-directed learning approach. That means that the participants are responsible for their own learning and the facilitators provide activities and guide the participants through the process. The training course is highly participatory, interactive and experiential. The working methods include working in pairs and small groups, meditations, sharing, contemplations, team building activities, role plays, discussions, and self-assessment. Most sessions are complemented by theoretical inputs and all of them are followed by reflection (in the group or individually).