Mindfulness for Positive Change
04-08 October, EIAB, Waldbröl, DE

The 21st century offers all kinds of opportunities but at the same time, humanity faces unprecedented challenges – how to respond? To bring about positive change, (young) leaders need to develop and exercise their Inner Leadership:

Mindfulness, Compassion, Silence, Vulnerability & Resilience

This is what we will explore, (re-)discover and strengthen in this training course, using non-formal and informal education that takes a self-directed learning approach and combines concepts and methods from mindfulness, positive psychology, coaching, social psychology and personal development.


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Inner Leadership Training
30 Nov - 03 Dec in Maastricht
Themes: Daring Mindset, Flow, Creativity, Passion, Vision, Strengths



The training provided the necessary space to reflect on my work as a manager as well as my greater aspirations in life. For the first time I have contemplated about where I really want to go and formulated concrete actions to get there. In my day to day life, I have not found the space to question this.
— Marthe
I am now able to make more sense of what I am doing and what I want to do, which makes me more confident. I felt empowered to really make a huge difference all together. Participating in the ResponseAbility Training course, empowers you to embody the change you want to be, and eventually the change you want to bring about in your community
— jerry
During the ResponsAbility Training Course, we got the unique chance to get to know people who think alike; people who care about global issues and the environment and who want to find solutions for big problems. It was a great adventure of self-discovery, diving into important topics
It really helped me to realized that I am not alone and that I CAN make a difference.
— Hanna



This training course is based on non-formal and informal education with a self-directed learning approach. The participants are responsible for their own learning and the facilitators provide activities and guide the participants through the process. The training course is highly participatory, interactive and experiential.

About the Trainers


(German, living in Maastricht, NL) is a passionate (social) entrepreneur, mindfulness practitioner and Consciousness Coach. He walked three times the Camino to Santiago de Compostela. On those pilgrimages he experienced how self-exploration and introspection can be used for personal


(Dutch, living in Paris) is a professional trainer, youth worker, organiser and writer. He is specialised in identity and coaching, in particular: Inner Leadership ‘In my view, it all comes back to this relevant question: “Who am I?” This challenging question orders all your life choices. That gives the real feeling of freedom

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